This mascara is born in Japan and expresses the enthusiasm of Tokyo girls to beauty, and passion to make the eyelashes look perfect in every single detail!
Matsuge is eyelashes in Japanese.

Warm water removal

this fiber film formula will come off easily with warm water. No need to rub your delicate eyelashes.

Never smudge

the eyelashes are coated by the film and won’t smudge even how many times you blink!


extract nourish your eyelashes.


goes back to nature. Eco-friendly fibers made of corn do not harm the environment.

Lengthen and extend your lashes

The fibers attach your eyelashes with the base formula in perfect stickiness and help your eyelashes extend after layering.

Lash curling effect

Light weight and quick dry formula will hold your curled eyelashes for all day long.

Wipe-off misapplication with Q-tips

No need to rub and never remove your makeup.

Unique original brush

Small yet easy to handle. No mess up around your eyelashes. (Please see below figure for reference)

  1. Small and crescent shape brush is just easy to handle and make your eyelash curl upward and hold.
  2. There are 3 slits on the brush where can catch the formula to create thickness and then comb with the brush to avoid over-clamps.
  3. Small yet powerful brush delivers the formula even to the very corner lashes and adds the fibers.

TOKYO matsuge mascara is free from;

・Paraben・Latex・Mineral Oil

TOKYO MATSUGE only includes what you need for mascaras.

Tips: How to apply

First of all, put the brush in and out a few times after open a fresh mascara to mix the fibers with the formula evenly and let the formula breath! This process makes the formula right viscosity for the better application.

Apply the formula to the entire eyelashes in upward motion with the back side of curved brush.
For the second layer, wiggle the brush at the root of eyelashes and comb upward.
For the third application, hold the brush vertically and swipe back and forth on the tip of eyelashes for the further extension.
For the lower and corner lashes, apply the formula by using the front part of the brush.


Just born in Japan

Mascaras are extremely competitive in Japan, because Japanese girls/women adore the long and fuller lashes like false lashes or lash extension. There are so many excellent mascaras launched one after another in this market.
However, because the balance of each ingredient in formulating mascara is complicated, the final product does not come perfect.
Here comes the perfect mascara. No more compromise and all your need are in this tube! Try it out and discover what we create. This is the best mascara ever!

Behind the scene

There are 2 women who devoted their lives to cosmetic business. One is a marketing specialist of cosmetics, in particular, spent her career for the past 5 years with MASCARA. The other is a professional formulator who also has 15 years experience, in particular, innovated an epoch-making, award winning and long selling MASCARA for several cosmetic companies. They met 2 year ago and one day, decided to create the best mascara in the world.